Laundry Basket Organizer

Laundry Basket OrganizerThis was a project that my wife requested for our laundry room. We had nothing to put dirty clothes into so I designed this up and made it.

Material List:
Laundry Baskets
3/4 AC Plywood (top, bottom, sides)
1/4 AC Plywood (back)
AC just means that one side of the plywood is a sanded grade A while the other side is grade C
Having one sanded high grade side will really help with finishing the organizer.
2×4 – rip into 2×2

Step 1: Find laundry baskets. You may have a set at home that you want to use or you will have to go buy some.
Step 2: Take measurements of the baskets. You will need the length, width and height.
Step 3: Take some time to come up with a design that is made to fit your size of baskets. Make sure to leave a couple of inches between the baskets and at the very top and bottom.
Step 4: Cut all lumber
Step 5: Assemble
Step 6: Paint


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