Sheathed Playhouse

Playhouse Post 4

  I have finished framing the front wall and I have also sheathed the entire building. I’m now ready to design and buildmy trusses. Since the plate line is only at 6 feet I’m going to make a vaulted ceiling inside the playhouse. This will allow for adults to go inside and not have to…

2013-10-14 09.13.40

Playhouse Post 3

I have three of the 4 walls framed and the first 8 pieces of the decking attached. I made the walls 6 feet tall from floor to top plate. I also framed in 4 windows on the two side walls and there will be 2 windows framed into the front wall along with the door.…

playhouse porch

Playhouse Post 2

I have attached the floor and installed the post that will make up the front porch. I will put decking down where the porch is going to be. I will make the enclosed part of the playhouse 9 feet by 8 feet and the covered porch will be the front 3 feet. I attached the…



This is the start of my new project. It is going to be a playhouse for my two girls. These are the floor joists. I made the cutouts so that the forks of our Skytrak will be able to slide in and I will be able to move this playhouse around. It also allows me…

Getting Started

This is just the first post of hopefully many. The reason that I started this blog is to show off some of the projects that I have done. Most of my projects are going to be made out of wood.